Our Journey to Hastings

Every year, the Bili-groups of our years 8 & 9 spent a week in Hastings, GB. Here is their report.

Our Journey to Hastings                               

(by Rebecca & Vivien & Marie)

On 26 September 2011 at 7.15 am our group - the bili-classes from year 8 (Mr Rättig) and year 9 (Mr David) – met at the bus stop Im Olpendahl. A much too big coach arrived and after all the luggage was in the boot and we had said good bye to out parents we left Lüdenscheid. First we all were very excited bur after 5 hours on the bus it began to become boring. After about 8 hours we reached Calais in France and our coach drove on a ferry. There were shops and restaurants on the big ferry. It was a nice break from sitting in the coach. Then we saw the white cliffs of Dover. From Dover it took us another two hours to reach Hastings. We were very tired and hungry when we met our host parents at a parking at the sea front.

Our Host Families        (by Erhan & Rajee & Michél)

In England we didn’t stay in a hotel or a hostel but in host families. The teachers, too. Normally two of us lived in a family. Nobody had problems with his/her family. They were all very friendly. We were always offered drinks and food. Some students were afraid before the journey but in the end everybody was happy with his/her family. It was a beautiful stay.

The Town of Hastings(by Shaumya & Batuhan & Pia)

We stayed in Hastings in the south of England. The first place we visited was the Hastings Pier. We had a tour guide who showed us the town. Hastings is divided into a new and an old part. There were many very old houses in the old part. We saw many churches but they were closed. In the new part of the town we saw little trains that go up and down the cliffs. After the tour we were able to look around in town for ourselves. Some students just lay in the sun on a meadow high over Hastings,   some others went to the city centre, a go-cart course or had lunch in a fast food restaurant.

After our free time we went to the Smugglers Adventure, which was ok.

The English Food               (by Murat & Justin)

In the mornings we ate for example toast, rolls with jam cheese or nutella. But we could have cornflakes or muesli as well. For our trips we got lunch packets with sandwiches (white toast bread, salad, sauce, cheese or meat) and some crisps and fruit. There was always a drink in the lunch packet. For diner we had for example fish, chips, rice or chicken. All in all the English food is not as bad as people think.

Our Trip to Rye and Battle (by Ramin & Viktoria & Jason)


On September 29th 2011 our Bili-group went with our coach to Rye and Battle, two medieval towns, not far from Hastings. First we were in Rye where we had an hour for ourselves. Rye was beautiful, we visited a market there. Then we drove to Battle and visited the famous Battle Abbey. We got an audio guide that told us everything about the Abbey and the battle of Hastings in 1066. We spent the rest of the day at the shops and the beach in Hastings.

Our Trip to London                  (by Didem & Julia)

On the day of our trip to London we were all very excited. The journey from Hastings to London took about three hours with our coach. The traffic in London was mad. The coach dropped us at a tube station and so we took the underground to Madame Tussauds wax figures. There were many wax figures of stars and we took lots of photos with them. There also was a great 4D movie. After our visit to Madame Tussauds we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus. There we got some time for shopping. After that we went to the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel. From the top we saw the whole of London and the river Thames. Then the students could decide if they wanted to walk to Buckingham Place or to Trafalgar Square. On the journey back to Hastings we had a lot of fun in the coach and a great Pundi party. It was a wonderful day.


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